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View the CertHE timetable for 2018/19.

View the BA timetable for 2018/19.

View the provisional BA timetable for 2019/20.

View the MA timetable for 2018/19.

View the draft MA timetable for 2019/20.

Find your MA/MSc's course choice form for 2019/20.

Handbooks, forms, deadlines and all other course resources for current students are now located on Moodle (under your degree or programme title in your 'programmes and related areas' section) and can be accessed after you have been invited to enrol.

There is a minimum attendance requirement for all our modules, undergraduate and postgraduate. In order to pass a module you will now need to attend at least 60% of the classes. If you fail to attend 60% of the classes and you do not have a valid claim for mitigating circumstances, you will fail the module, even if you pass the assessment element for the module (exams or essays). For a list of valid mitigating circumstances, and the process of making a claim, see here: