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The History Society

The Birkbeck History Society is all about building connections in time: connections between students, connections between historical events and connections between schools of thought. The sheer complexity of history means that it is easy to become entangled in a single historical moment and lose sight of the moment and lose sight of the whole. By bringing together students from different courses and by hosting events to explore the boundaries between periods, the History Society hopes to make available the exceptional breadth of knowledge that Birkbeck students have.

Birkbeck has a rather special learning environment because its students are often professionals with extensive expertise and a wealth of experience. While this leads to rich seminars it can also mean that people are in a hurry to leave after lectures as they have children or need to get back early for work the next day.

The History Society is aimed at bringing students together from different courses and years, both undergraduate and graduate, to share their expertise after stimulating lectures and presentations by leading experts. The Society will be hosting a major lecture each term and will also hold some smaller events to highlight the fantastic research done at the college.

If you are interested in attending then please get in touch via :


Twitter: @BBKHistorySociety

or send us an email to

If you have any areas that you would like to see explored, do not hesitate to suggest it as we are always open to new ideas. The History Society is made up of students with a love for the past and are excited about new periods, themes and ideas

Who is it for?

The History Society exists for all Birkbeck students who have more than a general interest in History. In the coming year we are planning to organise some talks, visits and other activities (including the odd party or two).

Come and join us

Perhaps you have some ideas to share with us. Or maybe you'd like to organise and run an event or so for the Society. We're friendly, helpful, don't bite and the subscription is cheap at £10 per student per year.

For non-members it is £4 per event.

Membership form

Get in touch!

For more information and to contact us please feel free to email us on

Society Officers and Committee Members

President: Alina Nowobilska
Events Director: Raquel Scanlon
Secretary: Linda Jane Allan
Treasurer: Imogen Olliver-Kneafsey

History Society Posters

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