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Help and support

We pride ourselves on providing a full range of support services, both within the department and at College level, to help you get the most out of your time studying with us.

Support offered in our department

Moodle - online learning

All of our lectures are recorded and can be streamed from our online learning environment, Birkbeck Moodle. Digital lecture and practical notes are also provided. We make use of collaborative software and Skype for 1-2-1 conversations.

Free online taster course: Structural Geology module I

View our short instructional videos on how to use a compass

Tutorial arrangements

Students entering the first year of their degree will have the support of the admissions tutor. Following consultations during the second year of the degree, you'll be assigned to a member of the academic staff, who will act as your advisor through the rest of your degree. The same member of academic staff will also supervise your work in the Mapping and Thesis or Project.

Specialist labs and equipment

We have generous networked computing facilities and research facilities including:

  • 67 seat petrology laboratory suite with state-of-the-art microscope and computer for each student
  • electron microprobe suite consisting of a Jeol8100 Superprobe with an Oxford Instrument INCA microanalytical system (EDS)
  • geochemistry laboratory
  • clean laboratory to analyse trace metal elements
  • X-ray diffraction facility with a Philips PW 1710 powder diffractometer and PC-APD computer software

Our working partnership with UCL gives us access to specialist laboratories and equipment, while links with other University of London colleges and the Natural History Museum mean students also have access to additional facilities across the capital.

Financial support and academic funding

The Department has two internal awards available for current students to apply for: Emily Paige Short Pioneer fund and the Tim Newling Fieldwork fund (Birkbeck bursaries).
Find out more about undergraduate funding, postgraduate funding and PhD and research funding on the main Birkbeck website.


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