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Public outreach and media

I am passionate about, and have extensive experience of, public engagement and outreach. I co-ordinated the Astrobiology Society of Britain’s STARS project to enable scientists to visit over 70 KS2 and KS3 classes and independently have given over 100 school talks across the country.

I have spoken at science events for the Cheltenham Science Festival, British Science Association, Café Scientifique, The Festival of Nature, the Secret Garden Party and Science London; and given public lectures at the TED2013 conference, The Royal Observatory Greenwich, The Lost Lectures, INTECH, The Royal Astronomical Society and the National Maritime Museum. I have provided voice-over commentary for the NSC Creative’s planetarium show ‘We Are Aliens’, script and voice-over for a TED-ED Animation 'Why extremophiles bode well for life on Mars', and script for Now>Press>Play KS3 science audios. I have also designed and delivered a full dome planetarium show for the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

I have appeared in and consulted for the BBC’s Sky at Night, Horizon, Stargazing Live, and Dara O’ Briains Science Club shows, BBC Future, BBC World News, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Scientific American and Sky News. I have also been interviewed for numerous radio shows and podcasts, including BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4.

I am also a science writer having written several articles for publications such as The Times, The Catalyst, A Global Village, Universe Today, Science Uncovered and BBC Wildlife Magazine, and contributed to blogs for TED, Medium, Nature’s Soapbox Science and Physics Focus. I have also written my first popular science book Goldilocks and the Water Bears – The Search for life in the Universe published by Bloomsbury Sigma.

Louisa Preston

Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life in the Universe