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Public outreach and media work

I am highly committed to the public understanding of science, and give a large number of public talks on astronomy, planetary science, astrobiology and space exploration.

I regard inspiring schoolchildren with the wonders of the universe as particularly important, both as an integral part of science education and because I think important social and political consequences follow from it. For this reason under the auspices of the The Association for Astronomy Education, some years ago I compiled a list of professional astronomers who are prepared to give school talks (the list is now hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society). I have outlined the rationale behind this initiative in 'Wanderers in space: the case for peripatetic astronomy teachers' (1991) Astronomy Now 5(10): 54.

I was President of the Society for Popular Astronomy for 2006-8.

April 11 2016 The search for life in the universe - the new science of astrobiology [blog] for London U3A group as part of Science Week 2016.

In October 2017 Ian gave a lecture at the Royal Institution: Astrobiology and the Search for Extra-terrestrial Life [video: 35mins]

Media work

September 2016, I was interviewed by a Turkish TV station, TRTWorld, as part of their Insight programme, talking about the future of space exploration and the role of commercial companies:

On Friday 8 April 2016, I was a guest on the BBC Today Programme talking about the use of space resources to facilitate space science and exploration. See  at [time point: 2.54.22].

On Friday 1 January 2016, I was a guest on the BBC World Service programme How to Survive in Space talking about the future of space exploration.

On 16 October 2015, I gave TV interviews for the BBC News Channel and BBC World News, and a radio interview for the BBC World Service, on the topic European plans for future lunar exploration.

On 25 June 2015, I was a guest on the BBC Radio 4 programme In Our Time to discuss extremophiles and astrobiology.

On 29 May 2015, I was a guest on the US national radio programme The Space Show to talk about lunar resources.

On Sunday 19th October 2014, I spoke on 'To boldly go: what is the point of space exploration?' at the 2014 Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican in London. A summary can be found here.

I was interviewed by BBC Science Correspondent, Pallab Ghosh [December 8, 2014], about the scientific case behind Lunar Mission One. In particular, Professor Crawford explained why the Moon’s south pole should be the focus of exploration and why it could be a good location for a permanent human base.

Birkbeck blogs

The use of extraterrestrial resources to facilitate space science and exploration [June 2016]

Why we should mine the moon [December 2014]

The scientific legacy of the Apollo Moon landings and the case for a return to the Moon [December 2012]