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Staff research interests

  • Andy Beard: electron microprobe; Kimberlites; ultramafic intrusions and diamonds.
  • Charlie Bristow: dune management; GPR and sediment; Palaeolake MegaChad.
  • Andy Carter: development of orogenic belts; fission track analysis; thermochronology erosion and provenance.
  • Ian Crawford: astronomy; planetary geology and geochemistry.
  • Hilary Downes: geochemistry and petrology of meteorites; origin and evolution of igneous rocks.
  • Simon Drake: studying the deposits of Palaeogene silicic volcanism on the Isle of Skye, N.W Scotland.
  • Mohamed Ramy El-Maarry: Mars, small bodies, particularly comets. Plus research involving remote cameras on Mars Trace Gas Orbiter, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Rosetta Mission.
  • James Hammond: seismology to image the Earth from global scales to individual volcanoes.
  • Steve Hirons: low temperature metamorphism of mudrocks.
  • Philip Hopley: palaeoclimatology; pleistocene and holocene climates.
  • Eleanor Jennings: I study the origin and evolution of the Earth, and the various geodynamic processes that occur within it, using geochemical methods
  • David Kossoff: environmental geochemistry and mineralogy.
  • Gerald Roberts: earthquake geology and seismic hazards; structural geology.
  • Philip Pogge von Strandmann: isotype geochemistry to understand the mechanisms of earth's climate system.
  • Louisa Preston: My research is largely concerned with the habitability potential of planetary bodies within and outside our Solar System especially the possibility of life existing on the terrestrial planets and icy moons of our local neighbourhood.
  • Charlie Underwood: palaeoenvironmental analysis; taphonomy of graptolites; taxonomy; taxonomy and evolution of Mesozoic sharks and rays.


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