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Staff research interests

  • Andy Beard: electron microprobe; Kimberlites; ultramafic intrusions and diamonds.
  • Charlie Bristow: dune management; GPR and sediment; Palaeolake MegaChad.
  • Andy Carter: development of orogenic belts; fission track analysis; thermochronology erosion and provenance.
  • Ian Crawford: astronomy; planetary geology and geochemistry.
  • Hilary Downes: geochemistry and petrology of meteorites; origin and evolution of igneous rocks.
  • Simon Drake: studying the deposits of Palaeogene silicic volcanism on the Isle of Skye, N.W Scotland.
  • James Hammond: seismology to image the Earth from global scales to individual volcanoes.
  • Steve Hirons: low temperature metamorphism of mudrocks.
  • Philip Hopley: palaeoclimatology; pleistocene and holocene climates.
  • Eleanor Jennings:I study the origin and evolution of the Earth, and the various geodynamic processes that occur within it, using geochemical methods
  • David Kossoff: environmental geochemistry and mineralogy.
  • Gerald Roberts: earthquake geology and seismic hazards; structural geology.
  • Philip Pogge von Strandmann: isotype geochemistry to understand the mechanisms of earth's climate system.
  • Charlie Underwood: palaeoenvironmental analysis; taphonomy of graptolites; taxonomy; taxonomy and evolution of Mesozoic sharks and rays.


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