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An international team, including Birkbeck’s Professor Andy Carter, uncovered new evidence on the rise and fall of the Indus Civilisation.

01 December 2017

Finer analysis of magnesium isotope ratios gives insight into the link between the physical and chemical composition of planets in our solar system.

04 October 2017

Research from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences’ Dr Philip Pogge von Strandmann found the Earth’s ‘natural thermostat’ could enable recovery from climate change – but this would take hundreds of thousands of years.

17 August 2017

Ian has long been a leading figure in planetary sciences and astrobiology, and has made many major contributions to his field.

17 May 2017

It is the first time that Birkbeck has appeared in the ranking, following the establishment of full-time undergraduate degree programmes

26 April 2017

Nearly a thousand graduates will celebrate achieving a qualification

19 April 2017

New facility is designed to enable isotopic analysis which is used to investigate past environments and the origins of the Earth.

06 March 2017

Despite 946 AD Mount Paektu eruption not causing climatic disruption it may have been responsible for largest ever Sulphur release

02 December 2016

College rises 10 places from last year

06 September 2016

Findings of new study mean planet may once have had an environment able to support life

26 August 2016