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The New Horizons probe will reach Ultima Thule - the most distant object ever explored - on 1 January and capture 50 gigabytes of data to send back to earth

19 December 2018

Fragments from historic meteorite crash, discovered by Birkbeck geologists, were being sold on eBay.

24 September 2018

Professor Crawford's Fellowship at ANU will support further research into astrobiology and space exploration.

27 June 2018

Running from 18-21 June, Birkbeck Science Week will explore the research taking place at the College.

12 June 2018

New research from Birkbeck questions the influence of climate change on human evolution.

14 May 2018

Birkbeck's Mentoring Pathways scheme opens up opportunities for students from Earth and Planetary Sciences.

23 April 2018

Professor Carter's career-long contribution to the field and community of thermochronometry is recognised by this award.

18 April 2018

The awards ceremony honoured research work from Birkbeck academics and PhD researchers that is finding a wider audience.

20 March 2018

International study reveals role of oxygen depletion in global warming.

05 March 2018

Birkbeck’s Simon Drake, Andy Beard, Hilary Downes and Jergus Baca were part of a team of geologists who discovered the meteorite impact on the Isle of Skye, including mineral forms never before reported on Earth.

14 December 2017