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About us

We’ve been teaching part-time evening geology degrees from a central London location since 1840. We currently have over 250 students, based in London and around the world, studying on our courses. These students are all ages and from all backgrounds. They may be looking to change or improve their careers, realising a long-held dream to study in this field or developing a personal interest in geology or planetary sciences.

Flexibility in course levels and how you study

Our experience in delivering online/distance learning

  • Our undergraduate courses and selected postgraduate courses are offered via distance learning, complete with videos of face-to-face lectures and full lecture notes.
    Sample online course: Structural Geology, module 1.
  • Students can study from overseas, or if they can travel to London, they can also take part in lectures and practicals. It is common for students based in the UK to study through a mix of face-to-face and distance learning.

Our academics' research spans the earth and its solar system

You'll have many opportunities to pursue fieldwork

Stay up-to-date with our news

Find out what's happening in the department by following the School of Science twitter channel (@BirkbeckScience), checking our news feed or attending the annual Science Week where academics from the department talk about their research.

A consolidated grant from STFC will support major projects led by the department's planetary science academics.

Senior Lecturer recognised for the excellence of his early career research by the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Research into an Antarctic ureilite (stony meteor) has implications for understanding the geological processes of our early solar system.