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The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has been teaching part-time geology-related degrees by evening study in central London for over 70 years. We specialise in teaching students of all ages, whether straight from school or older students who are working, through to people who have retired. We have recently moved to new offices within Birkbeck main building on Malet St., but retain our research links with the Department of Earth Sciences at UCL. We share some teaching space with our UCL counterparts, who use the classrooms during the day. We also have dedicated teaching space within the Birkbeck main building.

  • We offer courses at all levels, from certificates and undergraduate study right up to MPhil/PhD study.
  • All of our courses are offered via part-time evening study, and many of our students work during the day and join us for our evening classes.
  • The same undergraduate courses are also offered via online / distance learning, supported by video streaming of the face-to-face lectures and digital lecture notes. Students can study from overseas, or if they can travel to London, can also take part in face-to-face lectures and practicals. It is common for students based in the UK to study through a mix of face-to-face and distance learning, facilitating flexibility.
  • Undergraduates usually spend 10 days a year on a residential field class to sites of geological interest in Spain, Wales, Greece, Morocco or Scotland. In recognition of this, ours is the only part-time geology degree course accredited by the Geological Society.



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It's easy to get to us at the end of the day

It's easy to get to us at the end of the day

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