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Dr Melissa Butcher

Professor, Social and Cultural Geography

BA (Charles Sturt University, NSW)
MPhil (Trinity College, Dublin)
PhD (Macquarie University, Sydney)


  • Melissa is a social and cultural geographer whose research examines the impact of global mobility and local transformation in urban spaces, focusing on questions of identity and belonging as well as the skills needed to manage cultural change and positions of difference. Using ethnographic, participatory and visual methods, Melissa has led research projects in London, Delhi, Singapore and Sydney, examining the local impacts of globalization, including migration, economic liberalization and urban redevelopment. Melissa has taught in universities in the UK, Ireland and Australia, as well as working in the corporate and development sectors. She has practiced as an intercultural consultant, trainer and facilitator in industry, community and government sectors. Her recent publications include: Defying Delhi's Enclosures: Strategies for Managing a Difficult City (2018); Re-working encounter: the role of reflexivity in managing difference (2017); Managing Cultural Change: Reclaiming Synchronicity in a Mobile World (Ashgate 2011), and Dissent and Cultural Resistance in Asia's Cities (ed. with S. Velayutham, Routledge 2009). Melissa presents and writes regularly on issues relating to cultural diversity, urban redevelopment & gentrification, globalisation, and urban cultures.

Research and Teaching

    Research Interests

    Melissa’s current research focuses on exploring the dynamics of cultural change in globalising cities: analysing urban space as a contested site of meaning and power reflected in intercultural encounters; understanding how these encounters are patterned by the built environment and affective responses to cultural change; and documenting how skills such as reflexivity and empathy are deployed to navigate diverse urban spaces, to manage positions of difference and possibility, and to resist patterns of exclusion. She is currently a Co-investigator on the ESRC-ICSSR funded project Learning from small cities: Governing imagined futures and the dynamics of change in India's smart urban age (2018-2020). Melissa was UK principal investigator on the EU HERA funded SINGLE project (2013-2016). Working with partners at the Universities of Heidelberg and Amsterdam, this project analysed intersections of class, gender and cultural encounter in Delhi and Shanghai, examining how mobility and cultural encounter impacted on women’s experience of the city. Melissa was also principal investigator of the ESRC funded Hackney as Home project exploring young people’s experience of urban transformation and gentrification in the east London borough of Hackney (2013-2015). This project aimed to understand the experience of space and space use in the formation of home and belonging, the impact of affective responses to change and difference in that process, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of visual media in capturing the sensory experience of the city. Melissa continues to work in the borough with youth and arts organisations.


    PhD/MPhil. Supervision

    I am interested in supervising in the following areas:

    • Cultural impact of globalisation
    • Cultural diversity, encounter, identity and belonging
    • Urban cultures, redevelopment and gentrification
    • Mobility and cultural change


    Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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    Edited Books

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Contact details


Phone: 020 3073 8456