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Dr Ella Harris

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Urban/Cultural Geography

  • BA English (Oxford)
  • MA Cultural Geography (Royal Holloway)
  • PhD Cultural Geography (Royal Holloway)


  • Dr Ella Harris is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow. Her current project explores compensatory cultures (adapted ways of living) developing – on a household level – during the Covid 19 crisis. The research uses participatory interactive documentary (I-Doc) making as method, working with communities in two gentrifying areas of London (Deptford and Dalston). The relational process of I-Doc making allows Ella to focus on how compensatory cultures of the Covid era are differentiated by class and how lockdown is heightening class consciousness.
  • Ella’s past work has focused on London’s pop-up culture and the glamorization of urban precarity. She is also involved in ongoing collaborative research projects on housing precarity, including on micro-housing, tiny homes and homelessness. This includes the BA/Leverhulme Small Grant funded project "Tiny Homes, Big Promises: Exploring the Emerging Geographies of Tiny House Developments in Austin, Texas".
  • Ella runs the website:

Research Interests

  • Cultural Geographies of precarity
  • Precarity as a structure of feeling
  • Class and urban culture in the austerity era
  • Interactive Documentary as method
  • Housing precarity


  • Monographs
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) Crisis Times, Pop-up Logics: The Precarious City Rebranded, Zed Books
  • Papers
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) “Exploring temporality with i-Docs: Connecting Present Moments and Present Eras”, invited contribution to “Mediating Presents” special issue of Media Theory (eds, Rebecca Coleman and Susanna Paasonen
    • Harris, E. and Coleman, B. (Forthcoming 2020) “Grasping and Performing Time: The Doubled Social Lives of Time and Methods”, invited contribution to “Social Life of Time” special issue of Time and Society
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming 2020) “The Compensatory Mechanism: Cultures for Crisis Times” New Formations
    • Harris, E. and Nowicki, M. (Forthcoming 2020) “GET SMALLER!? Emerging Geographies of Micro Living” Area
    • Harris, E. Brickell, K and Nowicki, M. (Forthcoming 2020) “Door Locks, Wall Stickers, Fireplaces: Assemblage Theory and Home (Un)Making in Lewisham’s Temporary Accommodation” Antipode
    • Nowicki, M. Harris, E. Brickell, K. (2019) “The hotelisation of the housing crisis: Experiences of family homelessness in Dublin Hotels” The Geographical Journal
    • Harris, E. and Nowicki, M. (2018) “Cultural Geographies of Precarity”. Introduction to special issue of Cultural Geographies, 25(3), pp. 387-391 “Cultural Geographies of Precarity” (ed. Harris, E. and Nowicki, M.)
    • Harris, E. Brickell, K. and Nowicki, M. (2018) “On edge in the Impasse: Inhabiting the Housing Crisis as Structure of Feeling”; Invited contribution to special issue of Geoforum, (available online) (ed. Chris Philo, Hester Parr, Ola Soderstrom)
    • Harris, E. (2016) “Exploring Pop-up Cinema and the City: Deleuzian Encounters with Secret Cinema's Pop-up screening of The Third Man”. Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 3(1), pp. 113-133. Invited Contribution to the special issue ‘Cinematicity: Cinema and the city after Deleuze’ (ed. Clarke, D. and Doel, M.)
    • Harris, E. (2016) “Introducing I-Docs to Geography: Exploring Interactive Documentary’s Nonlinear Imaginaries” Area 49(1), pp.25-34
    • Harris, E (2015) “Navigating Pop-up Geographies: Urban Space-Times of Flexibility, Interstitiality and Immersion”. Geography Compass, 9(11), pp. 592-603.
  • Special Issues (organised and edited)
    • Harris, E and Nowicki, M. (eds). 2018, Cultural Geographies of Precarity, Cultural Geographies
  • Book chapters
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) “I-Docs”, Invited contribution to “How to do Sociology with” Goldsmiths Press (eds. Rebecca Coleman, Kat Jungnickel, Nirmal Puwar)
    • Harris, E. (2018) “Encountering Urban Space Live at The Floating Cinema”. Invited contribution to the edited book Live Cinema: Cultures, Economies, Aesthetics, Bloomsbury (eds. Sarah Atkinson and Helen Kennedy)
    • Harris, E. (2018) “Crafted places/places for craft: Pop-up and the Politics of the ‘Crafted City’” Invited contribution to The Craft Economy, Bloomsbury Academic (eds. Susan Luckman and Nicola Thomas)
  • Reports
    • 2019 “Temporary Homes, Permanent Progress? Resident Experiences of PLACE/Ladywell” (with Katherine Brickell and Mel Nowicki) Stakeholder report on Lewisham Council’s “pop-up” housing. 2017 Brickell, K, Harris, E and Nowicki, M. “Home at Last: Everyday life in Dublin’s Rapid Build Housing”. Commissioned report on Rapid Build Housing for Dublin City Council.

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