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Dr Ella Harris

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Urban/Cultural Geography

  • BA English (Oxford)
  • MA Cultural Geography (Royal Holloway)
  • PhD Cultural Geography (Royal Holloway)


  • Dr Ella Harris is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow. Her current project explores ‘class tourism’ in London using participatory interactive documentary as an experimental method. The project looks to understand how class distinctions are negotiated and remade on Ridley Road, Dalston and Deptford High Street, Lewisham, at a time of heightened precarity.
  • Ella’s past work has focused on London’s pop-up culture and the glamorization of urban precarity. She is also involved in collaborative research projects on housing precarity, including on micro-housing, tiny homes and homelessness.
  • Ella runs the website:

Research Interests

  • Cultural Geographies of precarity
  • Precarity as a structure of feeling
  • Class and urban culture in the austerity era
  • Interactive Documentary as method
  • Housing precarity


  • Monographs
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) Crisis Times, Pop-up Logics: The Precarious City Rebranded, Zed Books
  • Papers
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) “Exploring temporality with i-Docs: Connecting Present Moments and Present Eras”, invited contribution to “Mediating Presents” special issue of Media Theory (eds, Rebecca Coleman and Susanna Paasonen
    • Harris, E. and Coleman, B. (Forthcoming 2020) “Grasping and Performing Time: The Doubled Social Lives of Time and Methods”, invited contribution to “Social Life of Time” special issue of Time and Society
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming 2020) “The Compensatory Mechanism: Cultures for Crisis Times” New Formations
    • Harris, E. and Nowicki, M. (Forthcoming 2020) “GET SMALLER!? Emerging Geographies of Micro Living” Area
    • Harris, E. Brickell, K and Nowicki, M. (Forthcoming 2020) “Door Locks, Wall Stickers, Fireplaces: Assemblage Theory and Home (Un)Making in Lewisham’s Temporary Accommodation” Antipode
    • Nowicki, M. Harris, E. Brickell, K. (2019) “The hotelisation of the housing crisis: Experiences of family homelessness in Dublin Hotels” The Geographical Journal
    • Harris, E. and Nowicki, M. (2018) “Cultural Geographies of Precarity”. Introduction to special issue of Cultural Geographies, 25(3), pp. 387-391 “Cultural Geographies of Precarity” (ed. Harris, E. and Nowicki, M.)
    • Harris, E. Brickell, K. and Nowicki, M. (2018) “On edge in the Impasse: Inhabiting the Housing Crisis as Structure of Feeling”; Invited contribution to special issue of Geoforum, (available online) (ed. Chris Philo, Hester Parr, Ola Soderstrom)
    • Harris, E. (2016) “Exploring Pop-up Cinema and the City: Deleuzian Encounters with Secret Cinema's Pop-up screening of The Third Man”. Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 3(1), pp. 113-133. Invited Contribution to the special issue ‘Cinematicity: Cinema and the city after Deleuze’ (ed. Clarke, D. and Doel, M.)
    • Harris, E. (2016) “Introducing I-Docs to Geography: Exploring Interactive Documentary’s Nonlinear Imaginaries” Area 49(1), pp.25-34
    • Harris, E (2015) “Navigating Pop-up Geographies: Urban Space-Times of Flexibility, Interstitiality and Immersion”. Geography Compass, 9(11), pp. 592-603.
  • Special Issues (organised and edited)
    • Harris, E and Nowicki, M. (eds). 2018, Cultural Geographies of Precarity, Cultural Geographies
  • Book chapters
    • Harris, E. (Forthcoming) “I-Docs”, Invited contribution to “How to do Sociology with” Goldsmiths Press (eds. Rebecca Coleman, Kat Jungnickel, Nirmal Puwar)
    • Harris, E. (2018) “Encountering Urban Space Live at The Floating Cinema”. Invited contribution to the edited book Live Cinema: Cultures, Economies, Aesthetics, Bloomsbury (eds. Sarah Atkinson and Helen Kennedy)
    • Harris, E. (2018) “Crafted places/places for craft: Pop-up and the Politics of the ‘Crafted City’” Invited contribution to The Craft Economy, Bloomsbury Academic (eds. Susan Luckman and Nicola Thomas)
  • Reports
    • 2019 “Temporary Homes, Permanent Progress? Resident Experiences of PLACE/Ladywell” (with Katherine Brickell and Mel Nowicki) Stakeholder report on Lewisham Council’s “pop-up” housing. 2017 Brickell, K, Harris, E and Nowicki, M. “Home at Last: Everyday life in Dublin’s Rapid Build Housing”. Commissioned report on Rapid Build Housing for Dublin City Council.

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