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Student feedback to staff

The Department greatly values feedback from students on its modules and programmes.

Students can provide feedback in three different ways:

Module evaluation

At the end of each module you will be asked to complete a standard module evaluation. You are asked to take this task seriously and complete the forms as fully as you are able so that teaching and learning can be continually improved.

Informal feedback

The department welcomes informal evaluation of how a module is progressing at any time. This can be done in the form of informal conversations during module sessions, or email exchange and/or meetings with either module tutors or programme directors.  You should contact your module tutor to give feedback on general module issues or your programme director for wider programme matters.

Staff-Student forums

The Department has a termly staff-student exchange meeting. This meeting is attended by student representatives (one per academic year of each programme). For more information on the student-staff forum, see

All three forms of feedback are discussed in department meetings as part of our quality assurance practice. Feedback is used to improve modules, programmes and practices for future years.

If you have any problems or complaints you are encouraged to arrange a meeting with your personal tutor or programme director. You can find guidance on student complaints at