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The Finance Department

Petty Cash

Form needed: Petty Cash form xls format - can be completed on-line then printed
Contact details: Income Section

How do I apply for a petty cash float?

Administrators that require a petty cash float should apply in writing (by email) to the Income Officer stating their reasons for wanting a petty cash float and the amount required.   According to the Financial Regulation ‘The number of petty cash floats shall be kept to a minimum’.

How do I administer a petty cash float?

Any expenses paid out of petty cash must be substantiated by invoices or receipts.

Such expenses should be kept to a minimum and be limited to expenses which are properly and conveniently payable only in this manner. All vouchers must be forwarded to the Income Section with claims for reimbursement of the float.

  • No single payment out of departmental petty cash accounts may exceed £50.
  • Petty cash accounts should not be used for cashing personal cheques or the payment of salaries and wages.
  • A member of staff granted a petty cash float is personally responsible for the safe custody of the float and will periodically be required to sign a certificate confirming the value of the float. The float should be retained in a locked box and placed in a safe or locked cupboard or cabinet at night and whenever the office is left unattended.
  • As at 31 July each year a certificate of the float should be completed by the member of staff and countersigned by a senior member of the school/professional services department, before lodging the certificate with the Income Section.

How to make a petty cash claim if the school has no petty cash float?

The Income Section will be able to reimburse a petty cash claim. A petty cash claim form (Form 55) can be obtained from the Income Section. The form must have all receipts attached, expenditure code and authorised by the budget holder of the account code.

Staff petty cash expense claims up to £50.00 can be processed immediately during counter hours.

Claims over £50.00 can be made through Payroll by submitting a reimbursement of expenses for staff only form to the Payroll Section.

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