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The Finance Department

Payment of Teaching & Scholarship Staff

Form required:  Bank Details
Contact details: Payroll Section and Team Leader within your Department

How are Teaching & Scholarship Staff Payments processed?

Payment for all modules is made by bank transfer on the 27th of the month in line with Payroll of all other staff.

Payment can only be made on signed returned contracts and to employees who have been set up fully on the HR and Payroll system.

A personal UK bank account is required which accepts BACS transfer.

To ensure your information is complete on the system, please log on to MyHRData using your I.T. log-on.

Teaching on modules is paid in monthly instalments a month in arrears over the length of the module or in 12 equal monthly instalments in the case of open-ended Teaching & Scholarship staff.

This means that if you are on open-ended contract, your first payment is 27th September and you are paid through until 27th August the following Year with adjustments across the Year if teaching hours fluctuate.

If you are on fixed term contract the cut-off date for teaching fees is strictly the 14th of the month. This means that if your teaching begins 10th October (before cut-off), your 1st payment will be 27th October however if your teaching begins 16th October (after cut-off), your first payment won't be until the 27th November. Similarly if your teaching begins after 14th January, first payment is 27th February; if your teaching begins after 14th April, first payment is 27th May etc, i.e. over the length of the teaching, a month in arrears with a cut-off date of the 14th of the month.

Additional differential fees for items such as open evenings, interviewing etc are paid a month in arrears to when the work was completed and upon provision of the required information to your Department by the 1st of the month for payment in that month. For example: you undertook an open evening on 26th of the month (e.g. 26th September) and informed your Department of the details (date, no of hours etc) before 1st of the next month (e.g. 1st October) then you should receive the payment 27th of the month (e.g. 27th October). If however you fail to inform the Department of all the required details until after the 1st of the month (e.g. 6th October) then it is unlikely that you will receive payment for the open evening until the following month, in this case (27th November). This is to allow your Department time to check that claims are in line with the College's financial guidelines prior to payment and to allow Payroll time to process the payments.

All payments are subject to deductions of income tax and national insurance contributions at source.

Monthly pay-slips are available online.

If you have any questions with regard to your pay, these should be directed firstly to the Team Leader in your subject area who should be able to assist and who will liaise with Payroll on your behalf if they require clarification.

Notifying bank details

Changes to bank details should be notified to the Payroll section separately on form – Bank Details form




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