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Barclaycard Procurement Cards - Term of use

Barclaycard contact  0844 822 2140

Barclaycard procurement cards are very much like personal credit cards. The cards can be used with any supplier who accepts MASTERCARD including overseas suppliers. They have been introduced to provide schools and departments an alternative to raising purchase orders for procurement in order to reduce processing costs e.g. where there are large volumes of small value purchases.

They would typically be used or items such as travel and accommodation bookings, subsistence expenditure, subscriptions, web based purchases and small items of consumables or equipment.

Card Use

Barclaycard Procurement Cards are issued to staff for College business use. Purchasing using the College procurement cards must comply with the College's Financial Regulations and Procedures. For example, procurement procedures specifying the number of quotations required for purchases of goods and services continue to apply.

Cardholders should endeavour to use LUPC suppliers for purchases of goods and services and always seek best value for money.

Each cardholder has been issued with a card and a pin number and will be notified of the monthly credit limit in place.

Cards should only be used by the named cardholder (or a nominee with the cardholder's permission). Pin numbers must not be revealed to any other person. When not in use, cards should be held in a secure place and not left in desk drawers or offices over night.

Cards must not be used for any personal expenditure. No cash withdrawals are permitted against procurement cards. Card misuse could result in the card being withdrawn and disciplinary action being taken.

Additional Supplier Charges

There is no charge to the College for the use of procurement cards however, cardholders should be aware that some suppliers will try to impose added charges for card payments. If this occurs please order the goods or services using a College purchase order and provide details to the Payments Section in the Finance Department so that we can take this up with the supplier and Barclaycard.

Monthly Statement

Monthly statements will be issued to cardholders on the 2nd of each month. These should be checked against receipts and any suspected errors or fraudulent transactions reported immediately to Barclaycard on 0844 822 2160 and Finance.


The returns must be submitted to the Finance Department within 14 days of the statement date. This is to ensure that financial transactions are recorded in the school or departments accounts in the correct period. The Director of Finance may suspend card use if returns are not made on time

Completing the monthly return form:

Each month shortly after the credit card statements are issued all cardholders will receive a personalised credit card return form. This form will list all previous month transactions and will match your official Barclaycard statement.


If hospitality purchases are made with the card e.g. restaurant bills the following details need to be submitted along with the receipt

Please enter these details on the College Purchasing Card (hospitality detail) form. (A copy of this form will also be attached to the electronic form you will receive each month as a second worksheet.)

This information is an HMRC requirement.


All receipts must be retained when the purchase is made and attached to the monthly credit card return submitted to Finance. Credit Card slips are not sufficient for this purpose.  For web based purchases a screen print of the order or invoice should be attached to the return.

Settlement of Card balances

The College will settle outstanding balances by direct debit. Cardholders’ personal credit ratings will not be affected.

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Date printed: 27/10/2020