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The Finance Department

Payment of invoices

Contact details: Payments Section

Normally no payment should be made, except on receipt of an original invoice. Where an original invoice is not provided payment must be authorised by an authorised officer with a written statement detailing why an original invoice has not been provided.

Currently there are 2 options available for payment of supplier invoices:

• Invoices with BluQube purchase order numbers

• Invoices without BluQube purchase order numbers

BluQube: the financial information system the college uses for purchasing and payments.

The Finance Department is encouraging all Schools and Departments to use the college finance system (BluQube) for purchasing and payments activities where possible. If you are currently not set up to use this system for purchasing and payment of invoices please contact Payments Manager for general information on the benefits of using BluQube and one-to-one training sessions on the system.

Invoices with BluQube purchase order numbers

If you are set up to use BluQube and are raising purchase orders through the system then all invoices you receive should come with the purchase order number already quoted on them. In this case please send the invoices straight through to the Payments Team – there is no need for authorisation at this point, so you don’t have to code the invoices, sign it or attach any other forms to it (unless it is a foreign payment), just ensure that it has a correct purchase order number.

Once the Payments Team receives the invoice it will be entered unto BluQube and matched to your purchase order.

The person who is set up to authorise invoices in your department will receive a report of unauthorized invoices every Monday morning. They then can authorise each invoice through BluQube in the ‘Authorise Invoices’ screen. Once the invoice is authorised on BluQube it will be paid in the next available payment run. Payment runs happen every Wednesday, so please keep in mind this timeframe when authorising invoices.

Invoices without BluQube purchase order numbers

Paper purchase ordering and batching is being phased out by the College.  For those Schools and Professional Services Departments not yet using BluQube purchase orders, please contact Payments Manager for general information on the benefits of using BluQube and one-to-one training sessions on the system.

If you are not currently set up on BluQube your invoices will either have no purchase order numbers on them or they will quote an old BKxxxxx purchase order number. Please do not use the old BK order books for placing purchase orders – these are no longer accepted by the college and new books will not be issued in any circumstances. All invoices with BK order numbers on them or no order numbers on them will be returned to the relevant school/department.

In this case payment will only be made against invoices that have been signed for payment by an appropriate budget holder. There are different levels of authorisation in each School and Professional Service depending on staff responsibilities.  Contact your School Manager/Head of Professional Service for information about amounts that can be authorised at each level. The authorised signatory for budgets is responsible for ensuring that the invoice has been checked thoroughly and that there are sufficient funds in the relevant budget – see section on Responsibilities of Authorised Signatories.

Once invoices have been coded and signed by an authorised signatory they can be sent to the Payments Team. These invoices can be sent on their own or if you prefer they can be batched up. However please bear in mind that the Payments Team are in the continuous process of phasing out departmental batches – if you are unsure about how to process an invoice for payment without batching them up please contact Payments Manager on general advice and discussion about the use of the college finance system (BluQube).





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