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The Finance Department


One-off Payments

Form required:  One-off Payment Request Form xls format
Contact details: Payments Section

One-off payments

The majority of payments that the Payments Team deal with on behalf of the college is via invoices to suppliers for the provision of goods or services. The Payments Team also processes all non-staff expenses as these cannot be paid via Payroll as all other expenses.

However occasionally you may also want to make payments that do not fit into either one of the above categories.

For example:

  • student prizes
  • student stipends / maintenance
  • various awards and funds
  • internships
  • refunds
  • honorariums
  • donations / gifts
  • etc.

For payment of these please use the One-off Payment Request Form.

Please ensure all fields of the form are filled in and that valid budget codes and analysis codes are provided. Please also ensure the form is signed by two people (as per Financial Regulations - two people must be involved in all payment processes).

A separate form should be completed for each payee.



Do not use this form for:

  • speakers' fees, guest lecturer fees or examiner fees - these are processed by Payroll and the relevant forms should be used.
  • do not attach it to invoices or non-staff expenses




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