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Entrepreneurship in developing regions: context and implications for policy

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, G04

This event has ended.

In this workshop the focus is on how national and regional contexts are implicated in shaping the possibilities for entrepreneurship. On the plus side these include how institutions the influence on the identification of business opportunities and the aspirations of entrepreneurs. On the negative side these include how inefficient institutions create resource constraints and missing institutions drive entrepreneurs to make use of informal institutions. Thus both institutional and micro level perspectives are needed to understand both the complexities of the formalisation processes of entrepreneurship in different contexts and as well the nature and practice of informal processes. For researchers, a challenge is produce academically and empirically informed analysis that recognises the reality of context and responds to the needs of policy makers. Contexts discussed include a variety of capitalist economies, plus specific cases of Egypt, Columbia, Poland, UK and Thailand



Timetable, Chair: Ayşe Seyyide


3.00-3.30pm Slavo Radosevic, UCL Entrepreneurship in comparative economics perspective


3.30pm-4.00pm Dina Mansour, Department of Management, Birkbeck, Divergent Patterns of Institutional Entrepreneurship by Emerging Country Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Egyptian ICT Startups

4.00-4.30pm Manto Gotsi, Department of Management, Birkbeck, Informal entrepreneurs and formalisation: Insights from a role identity transition lens


4.30-5.00 pm – Jonathan Potter, LEED, OECD & Birkbeck, Applying entrepreneurial ecosystem and industrial path development concepts to regional policy analysis – a critique


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Slavo Radosevic,Ms Dina Mansour,Dr Manto Gotsi,Jonathan Potter