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Academic writing: Referencing, quoting and paraphrasing

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, MAL B35

This event has ended.

All academic writing contains references - information about other texts that supports your argument. Learning the conventions of referencing and citation is an essential academic skill. It is also important to understand how and why to use references to support your own ideas.

In this academic writing workshop we will:

  • Present and discuss the key concepts of referencing and citation, including: style guides, in-text references, footnotes and reference lists


  • Understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it


  • Recognise how to format quotations and paraphrases


  • Learn to write sentences with quotations or paraphrases

For students unable to attend, the resources from this workshop can be found on the Birkbeck Study Skills Moodle module (login required), along with a wide variety of other study skills resources.

This is an Academic Writing Workshop run by the central Birkbeck Study Skills service. All students from any Birkbeck school are welcome to attend. 

Please note that this workshop will be advertised on the Birkbeck room booking screens as 'Academic Writing Workshop'.

Contact name:

  • Ms Sal Campbell