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GASA Academic Writing Toolkit 4: Sentences and punctuation (Sat)

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, MAL B33

This event has ended.

 Even when we have relatively well-developed writing skills, there are still things we can do to improve the clarity and style of our writing. This workshop presents the fundamentals of sentence structure, including ways to improve sentences in terms of length, clarity, conciseness and variety. It will also cover correct punctuation usage, including how to use the most common punctuation marks correctly. 

This workshop will repeat on Saturday 17th September and Tuesday 24th September.

Please note these workshops are open to Birkbeck College students only.

The Get Ahead, Stay Ahead (GASA) series of workshops is primarily targeted at new students beginning their studies in 2019-2020, though any Birkbeck students may attend.

Study skills workshops for all students also run throughout the academic year.

Workshop bookings will open in early July 2019.

Contact name:

  • Ms Sal Campbell