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Words on the Move 4: The Digital Body

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, Keynes LIbrary

This event has ended.

Speakers: Mustapha Conteh, Ibrahim Ture, Adam Stark, Kate Daudy, Alex Reuben And Chris Frith, Dana Naomy Mills

Chairs: Marina Warner, Steve Willey, Luke Williams

Registration is free, but booking is required

This workshop series explores potential forms of expression in different media for displaced people today; this one looks at embodiment in digital space.

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In collaboration with creative writers in The West Bank, Palestine, the Akwaaba group in Hackney, and refugees living in Palermo, Sicily, this workshop will explore how mapping and walking can help stimulate stories, made from memories and imagination, and connect individuals who have lost their homes.  Together with artists, dancers, designers and writers, they  will explore the issue of dematerialisation on the web, of AI as a site of potential expression, of prosthetic and cyborg enhancement, and explore virtual media as  an unexpectedly productive zone of haptic knowledge ; we shall reflect upon the multi-media character of internet communications as a para-linguistic, polyglot, macaronic arena where exchanges can take place between people without languages in common through embodied systems of sound, and movement. Rather than announce the end of humanity, the speakers will explore the possibilities that computerised conjunctions of bodies, code, and virtual representations offer in conditions of dislocation and isolation.  The series of workshop forms the theoretical arm of the project Stories in Transit, which has been working with asylum seekers in Palermo, Sicily, since 2016.

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