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Association for Psychosocial Studies 'Reading' Conference 2019: The Psychosocial- Reflections and Developments.

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building

This event has ended.

The APS Reading Conference 2019 will create an innovative space for developing the field of psychosocial studies. Over two days, you will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion of contemporary and foundational psychosocial texts as well as symposia and workshops exploring cutting edge psychosocial ideas and research on contemporary politics and culture. Our aim is to open up spaces for us to listen to each other and for new ideas and projects to develop.


To register for the conference, please follow this link:

APS Reading Conference 2019

Conference Fees:

£50 – waged non APS members
£40 – waged APS members
£20 – unwaged

Conference Format:

The conference has an innovative format, including:



To share and discuss ideas from the sessions and to make links to your own work and generate ideas for the future.



To read key texts together: these will be made available to all registered participants prior to the conference so that the session can focus on discussion. There will also be an opportunity to respond in writing to key texts prior to the conference, using an online conference file sharing system. 


Sessions will be lead by:

Ann Phoenix reading ‘On the Postcolony: a brief response to critics’ by Achille Mbembe (2005)
Stephen Frosh reading ‘Birthing Racial Difference: conversations with my mother and others’ by Lewis, G (2009)
Candida Yates reading ‘Something to Do with a Girl Named Marla Singer: Capitalism, Narcissism, and Therapeutic Discourse in David Fincher’s Fight Club’ by Layton, L. (2011)
Kate Kenny reading ‘The explosion of real-time and the structural conditions of temporality in a society of control: durations and urgencies of academic research’ by Lapping, C. (2017)
The Activist Research Collective reading 'Borderline personality disorder, discrimination, and survivors of chronic childhood trauma' by Andrea Nicki (2016)
Sasha Roseneil reading ‘'Part 1: General Introduction', Introduction to Group Analytic Psychotherapy: Studies in the Social Interaction of Individuals and Groups’, by Foulkes, SH (1948)
Paul Stenner reading ‘Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena’ by Winnicott, D. (1953)
… and more…


  • Critical Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Studies: Psychogeotherapy, Risk and Theatre
    The Unconscious in the Social World
  • The Image and the Psyche in Psychosocial Studies
  • Our Music, Our lives: the emotional and affective experience(s) of popular music
  • The Group as a Liminal Space: Recognition and Reparation for Political Trauma Survivors
  • Contributions to Psychosocial Thought and Practice from Latin America
  • Inconsolable Positions of (neoliberal) Critique in Psychosocial Research
  • Waiting Times: Psychosocial thoughts on time and care
  • Feminine Desire and the Postcolonial Condition
  • The Racialisation of Sexual Violence: some thoughts on discursive repression and projection
  • Protest 
  • The Body
  • See it - say it - sort it; Resistance, surveillance and silencing
  • Same As, Similar to or Different From; negotiating relationships in narrative research

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