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South Asian Documentary Film Series 2019 (screening 3) - a series of short films by Chalchitra Abhiyaan

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, B36

This event has ended.

Hosted by the Birkbeck Geography Department, in collaboration with South Asia Solidarity Group.

A series of short films by Chalchitra Abhiyaan, a grassroots film and media collective in Western Uttar Pradesh, India, and Q and A with founder-member Nakul Singh Sawhney. 

The collective produces a range of documentary films, news features, interviews and live broadcasts to bring to the fore local issues that concern different marginalised communities in their own voices. These issues are often glossed over by the mainstream media because of corporate control, the stranglehold of strong political parties or caste, class, religious and gender biases. A very important aspect of ChalChitra Abhiyaan’s work is to train people from local communities to tell their own stories through videos. These stories are evolving into a movement to challenge the systematic propaganda that is currently dividing communities in India.

Nakul Singh Sawhney is an Indian documentary filmmaker who has worked extensively on issues of religious chauvinism, honour killing, labour rights and social justice. His films include Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai (2015) and Izzatnagri ki Asabhya Betiyan (2012). 

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