Workshop: The Future of Studying Old Art - postponed

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, Cinema
Booking details: Free entry; booking required

This workshop has been postponed due to an industrial action by the Universities and Colleges Union on 23 February. A new date will be confirmed soon.

This workshop explores the continued relevance of studying the art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in a cultural climate where the humanities have been downgraded, and art history labelled elitist. With contributions from teachers, scholars, curators and broadcasters, we aim to think broadly about how we study, teach and communicate ideas about 'old' art, in order to challenge established discourses in the discipline, engage with a wider audience, and make connections between past and present.

* Robert Maniura (Birkbeck)
* Peta Motture (V&A)
* Rose Aidin (Art History Link-up)
* Peter Maniura (BBC)
* Chair: Dorigen Caldwell (Birkbeck)

This event forms part of our year-long celebration marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Department of History of Art at Birkeck - see the full programme of activities for 2017/18 here.