Twins on Twins

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, Cinema
Booking details: Free entry; booking required

Sci/Film presents 'Twins on Twins'. This special event on the scientific study of twins will feature the premiere of new documentary short Twins on Twins, screening of Twins (Ivan Reitman, USA, 1988, PG, 107 minutes) and discussion.


This Sci/Film screening will focus on twins, their lived experience and how their study can inform our understanding of the genetic basis of individual differences. We will be joined by Professor Angelica Ronald (BBK), the head of the Genes Environment Lifespan lab and an expert in the use of twin studies to identify the genetic and environmental factors influencing the development of individual differences such as adolescent psychosis, ADHD and Autism. Professor Ronald will be in discussion with Dr William Viney, the director of Twins on Twins (2017; 12 mins), a new Leverhulme Trust-funded and Derek Jarman Lab-produced documentary short which we will premiere during our event.

The discussion and documentary will be preceded by a screening of the 80's comedy classic, Twins (Ivan Reitman, 1988). Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger play genetically engineered twins (Vincent and Julius Benedict) who, separated at birth find themselves on wildly different life paths (Julius an athlete raised by philosophers and Vincent an orphan set for a life of crime) until Julius decides to find and aid his lost brother. Twins will serve as a perfect provocation for our discussion of gene-environment interactions and how this manifests in the lives of actual twins.

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The Sci/Film series is funded by a Wellcome Trust ISSF (Institutional Strategic Support Fund) public engagement grant.

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