Globalisation, Communication and Culture

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building
Booking details: Free entry; booking recommended

The new age of globalization has fundamentally changed how we communicate with the world. The new and intense global product and labour flows of the last 30 years means we communicate with many more people from a wider range of communities than ever before. It has exponentially expanded WHO we communicate with. Not only that. The advent of the Internet and ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) have also revolutionized HOW we communicate. This workshop gets participants to identify the key issues affecting language and intercultural communication in the new matrix and to explore best practice solutions to potential international communication challenges.

Mr Barry Tomalin MA is a lecturer, writer and international business consultant advising companies and international organisations on how to engage culturally to ensure successful JV's, M&A's, FDI agreements (both private and PPP) and export promotion. A graduate of SOAS in Linguistics and anthropology with a Diploma in International Education from Institute of Education, London University and an MA in Intercultural Communication and Liaison from the University of Westminster, he lectures in Internationalisation, Communication and Cultures at Birkbeck College, London University, the London School of Economics, Kings College London and Peoples Friendship University of Russia and is the author of many books, country monographs and articles on international culture and international business communication, including 'World Business Cultures a Handbook' and 'Cross-Cultural Communication, Theory and Practice.'. He is also the editor of the quarterly academic journal, TLC (Training Language and Culture). He is also founder and director of the 'Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate' at International House, London. A former BBC World Service producer and presenter, Barry has trained in over 60 countries.

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