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Philosophy Taster Session

Venue: Online

This event has ended.

Immediately following the Student Experience Day, the Department of Philosophy will be hosting a short session where three faculty members will share some of their research and interests (at a level accessible to all).

The presentations will be live and will last 10 minutes followed by a Q&A. Please use the text chat function, and make sure to mute your microphone and turn the camera off during the session.

The taster session will begin at 6 pm and logging in to watch the event is straightforward. Simply click the guest link, enter your full name when prompted and you'll be taken straight through to the live feed.

If possible please use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.

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  • Dr Stacie Friend -

    The Problem of Art Forgery

    Most people would agree that paintings are beautiful in virtue of the way they look; all we have to do to recognise the beauty of the Mona Lisa or Monet's Water Lilies is to see them. This is one reason to think that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". But if this is true, why don't we think that perfect forgeries are just as valuable as art as the originals? In this talk, I'll describe some ways in which philosophers have addressed this problem of forgery.

  • Dr Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij -

    Should You Take the ‘Political Genius Pill’? Of Course, You Should.

    Imagine there’s an election tomorrow. I offer you a pill. Let’s call it the ‘political genius pill.' If you take it, you’ll immediately come to know everything there’s to know about politics, including all the facts on which political policy turns: economics, sociology, psychology—you name it. Would you take it? The pill is perfectly safe, and you have no reason not to trust me. But there is one thing: if you take it, your political convictions might change. Maybe that will make you hesitate. But it shouldn’t. On the contrary, you have excellent reason to take the pill—that, at least, is what I’ll try to convince you of.

  • Dr Florian Steinberger -

    Should You Be Rational? 

    A sign of our troubled times is the frequently decried irrationality supposedly all around us: the irrationality of our political leadership, the irrationality of the electorate, the irrationality of opposing vaccinations, etc. But what, in fact, does it mean to be rational? Some philosophers have gone so far as to question whether we have any reason to be rational at all. Meeting these challenges is trickier than one might think.