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Decolonial Feminist Forum and (Un)processed

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, Peltz Gallery

This event has ended.

The focus of this session is led by (Un)processed, a week of events at Research Hub at Peltz Gallery - “Uncomfortable Truths”, is a talk-based workshop led by Alice Procter, interrogating status quo. With the insurgence of uncomfortable truths historically and presently, especially in the arts and cultural spheres, we are safely presuming a grim made-up, fictional prediction of a governmentally controlled future with a nightmare-ishly individualistic reality. 

Alice Procter, as The Exhibitionist, strips paintings, monuments and royal portraits off their narratives of grandeur, adventure and genial inventiveness to lay bare the violence of imperialism, invaders and the riches gained through slavery. In her Uncomfortable Art Tours she deconstructs official colonial history as it is presented in art galleries and museums by telling the stories that have been left out and explaining whose story gets told and why. Procter provides those labels of ownership, too often missing, that acknowledge how colonial objects and artworks have arrived in the institution’s collection be it by purchase, theft or looting.

Alice Procter highlights the role arts institutions have played in creating and perpetuating racist and colonial spaces and thus addresses the Forum’s desire to disrupt linear histories of Empire and to deconstruct its sanitized images on display in British museums.

Part of the Decolonial Feminist Forum:

decolonial thought | feminist art histories | collectivity | collaboration | horizontal histories | curatorial | provincialising the west | curating as practice research | historical reparation

This research forum is aimed at those studying at Birkbeck and beyond, who are interested in decolonization and narratives that challenge the Western canon and established masculinist power structures. The group meets twice termly and aims to explore relevant texts, images, exhibitions and/or issues that question hegemonic modes of curatorial and institutional practice.

We will meet and read together, share knowledge, research, projects, texts as well as information about recent and forthcoming events. We may share work-in-progress, organise screenings, present past projects and, perhaps, work towards future joint initiatives. 

The sessions will be further determined by the group and together we will decide on the preferred format.

No reading is necessary in advance of sessions.

Part of the series (Un)processed, a week of events at the Research Hub at Peltz Gallery
Are you in-tune with your world? Do you take the time to digest what is happening around you or beyond? (Un) processed is a 3-day discourse by artists, academics and students discussing; art, politics and mental health. The programme advocates a more conscious interaction with our environment and ourselves.

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