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Arts Essay Writing Workshop 4: How to Structure and Write Academic Paragraphs

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, G04

This event has ended.

This workshop follows on from session 3 to consider how the main points you have established in the outline of your essay can be expanded into academic paragraphs.

The paragraph is the unit of structure in British Academic Essay writing. Workshop 4 unveils the rules for structuring a paragraph itself.  This is the internal structure of the paragraph, also known as cohesion within the paragraph.

We learn about 

  • The topic sentence   
  • Deductive paragraphs   
  • Inductive paragraphs 
  • ‘Club-sandwich’  paragraphs    
  • Signposting within the paragraph 

How to make transitions from one paragraph to the next through the use of linking devices is explored in the session, Academic English Workout:  Signposting Language in Academic Expression.  




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