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Arts Essay Writing Workshop 3: Planning and Structuring with a Process Method to Create an Outline for an Academic Essay

Venue: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, G04

This event has ended.

Workshop 3 moves us on from navigating the question to the next stages of creative thinking about and planning the essay.

Do not panic if you cannot get past the first sentence of your introductory paragraph.  Perhaps there is a better way to progress through and enjoy your encounter with the essay question.  PERHAPS IT MAY NOT EVEN BE A GOOD IDEA TO TRY TO START YOUR ESSAY WRITING WITH THE FIRST SENTENCE OF YOUR INTRODUCTION – unless you had a brainwave for this first paragraph.

We explore a well-known set of procedures for harvesting your bright ideas.  You will learn to remain focused on the key terms of the question, while exploring the links between them to arrive at a set of main points which you will organise into a linear sequence. 

This technique, a ‘PROCESS METHOD’ of essay development, utilises the principle of the economy of means to ensure that the essay you finally produce is coherently structured and answers the question.

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