Graduation (Mainly Postgraduate)

Venue: Senate House
Booking details: Payment and booking required

The Spring 2018 Birkbeck Graduation will be at Senate House.

The Graduation ceremonies are held at Senate House, however you will need to collect your tickets and your gown from the Royal National Hotel, before the ceremony. 

These ceremonies will be mainly for postgraduates. Graduates will find out approximately two months before graduation, which ceremony they can attend as there are usually six over the three days. To find out more general information about Graduation, please view the Graduation pages


(Please note: this information is currently correct but may be updated in early 2018 with new details)

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Attendees ('April Graduation is for students who have completed the following: Certificate of Continuing Education, Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education, MA/MSc/MFA/LLM/MRes, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and MPhil/PhD. (Please note: PhD graduates are invited to attend either ceremony, depending on their date of completion.)',) Further details: More information about this event …