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Books (author)

Books (editor/contributor)

  • Susan Wiseman ed., Early Modern Women and the Poem (Manchester University Press, 2013).
  • Reading the Early Modern Dream: The Terrors of the Night edited by K. Hodgkin, M.O’Callaghan, S.J.Wiseman (Routledge; 2006).
  • At the Borders of the Human: Beasts, Bodies and Natural Philosophy in the Early Modern Period, ed. E. Fudge, R. Gilbert, S. Wiseman (Macmillan, October, 1999; pbk 2002)
  • Refashioning Ben Jonson, ed. Julie Sanders with Kate Chedgzoy and Susan Wiseman (Macmillan, 1998).
  • Women, Writing, History: 1640-1740 ed. I.Grundy & S. J. Wiseman (Batsford, 1992).

Co-edited texts

  • 'The Nice Valour' with Gary Taylor (Oxford University Press, November 2007) for The Works of Thomas Middleton general editor Gary Taylor.
  • Women’s Political Writings 1610-1740 edited with Hilda Smith and Mihoko Suzuki (Pickering & Chatto, 2007), 4 vols.

Digital Edition

    Curation of MS Bodleian Rawlinson D. 78 with contextualising transcriptions from State Papers and British Library Additional Manuscript with biographical and textual introductions for Early Modern Women Research Network Digital archive.

    This is a manuscript by Elizabeth Delaval, a Protestant at the court of James II in France.

Recent articles

  • ‘Elizabeth Delaval’s Memoirs and Meditations: Textual Transmission and Jacobite Context.’ Early Modern Women: an Interdisciplinary Journal 2015 (10/1) 68-92. 11,000w.
  • ‘ “No Publick funeral”? Lucy Hutchinson: elegy, epitaph, monument’.  Special issue of The Seventeenth Century ed. David Norbrook. 11,000w.
  • ‘ “Did we lie downe because ‘twas night?” John Donne, George Chapman and the senses of night in the 1590s’ in Simon Smith, Jacqueline Watson, Amy Kenny eds., The Senses in Early Modern England, 1558-1660 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015), pp. 130-147 (8,000w).
  • ‘The Contemplative Woman’s Recreation? Katherine Austen and the Estate Poem’ 11,000w in Early Modern Women and the Poem ed. Susan Wiseman (MUP, 2013).
  • ‘ “Perfectly Ovidian”: Dryden’s Epistles, Behn’s ‘Oeneone’, Yarico’s Island’, Renaissance Studies (2008) vol 22 no 3, pp. 417-433.
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  • ‘Abolishing Romance: Representing Rape in Oroonoko’ in Brycchan Carey, Markman Ellis and Sara Salih eds Discourses of Slavery and Abolition: Britain and its Colonies, 1760-1838 1-4039-1647-0 (Palgrave, 2004) pp. 45-62.
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