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Selected Creative Publications

Full Collections

  • Sea Fever (Liverpool: Knives Forks and Spoons, forthcoming 2016).
  • The Seven Arches, a collaboration with composer Richard Bullen (London: Stainer and Bell, 2014)
  • Elegy (London: Veer Books, 2013)

Work in Anthologies

  • ‘Living In: In Sufficiency’ in Extraordinary Rendition: (American) Writers on Palestine, ed. Ru Freeman (New York: Or Books, November 2015)
  • ‘Blood Poem’ in Dispossession: Poetry of Crisis, ed. T. Chiotis (London: Penned In the Margins, November 2015)
  • ‘Echoes 1-1V’ in For the Children of Gaza, ed. M. Staunton (Oxford: The Onslaught Press, 2014)
  • ‘Venus Panel’ in Hand Picked: Stimulus Respond, ed. J. Boulton (London: Pavement Books, 2014)
  • ‘Living In: Three Pages from Signals’, in Dear World & Everyone In It, ed. N. Hamilton (Northumberland: Bloodaxe Books, 2013)
  • ‘Living in: Slogans’, in Better Than Language, ed. C. Goode (London: Ganzfeld Press, 2011)

Selected Critical Publications

  • ‘Locating the 1950s’, in Boooook: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing (London: Occasional Papers, November 2015)
  • ‘Jade Sound Poems: Bob Cobbing and the Poetic Institution’, in Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, 4:2 (September 2012), 229-258