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Selected Publications


Chapters in books

    • ‘Aquas ab Aquis: Aqueous Creation in Andreas’, The Meaning of Water in Early Medieval England, ed. Carolyn Twomey and Daniel Anlezark (forthcoming)
    • ‘Reading Early Medieval Landscape and Environment: Materially Engaged Approaches to Documentary Sources’, in Reading the Natural World: Perceptions of the Natural World and Environment in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance (Brepols, 2020), 3-20
    • ‘The Stones of the Wall Will Cry Out: Lithic Emissaries and Marble Messengers in Andreas’, in Insular Iconographies (Boydell, 2019), 61-79
    • “How deserted Lies the City, Once So Full of People: The Reclamation of Intramural Space in Anglo-Saxon Literature’, in Place and Space in the Medieval World, ed. Meg Boulton, Jane Hawkes, and Heidi Stoner (Routledge, 2018), 63-73
    • ‘Beacons of Belief: Seasonal Change and Sacred Trees in Britain from Prehistory to the Later Middle Ages’, in Stasis in the Medieval West? (Palgrave, 2017), 27-45
    • ‘Plant Life in the Poetic Edda’, in Sensory Perception in the Medieval West (Brepols, 2016), 227-44
    • ‘Where are the Wics in Old English Poetry?: Settlements in Transition’, in The Art, Literature and Material Culture of the Medieval World: Transition, Transformation and Taxonomy, ed. M. Boulton, J. Hawkes and M. Herman (Four Courts, 2015), 153-63
    • ‘Where the Wild Things Are in Old English Poetry’, in Representing Beasts in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia (Boydell, 2015), 205-28
    • ‘Recasting the Role of Sacred Trees in Anglo-Saxon Spiritual History: The South Sandbach Cross ‘Ancestors of Christ’ Panel in its Cultural Contexts’, in Trees and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World (OUP, 2013), 211-27
    • ‘Brungen of Bearwe: Ploughing Common Furrows in Riddle 21, The Dream of the Rood, and the Æcerbot Charm’, in Trees and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World (OUP, 2013), 144-57
    • ‘Material Culture: Archaeology and Text’, in Beowulf and Other Stories, 2nd edn, ed. Richard North and Joe Allard (Pearson, 2011), 246-73

Papers in journals

    • Hrinde Bearwas: The Trees at the Mere and the Root of All Evil in Beowulf’, JEGP (forthcoming)
    • ‘The Translation of St Oswald’s Relics to New Minster, Gloucester: Royal and Imperial Resonances’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, 19 (2015), 171-81
    • ‘Landscape Gardening: Remodelling the Hortus Conclusus in Judgement Day II’, Review of English Studies, 62. 253 (2011), 1-14
    • ‘Demythologising Urban Landscapes in Andreas’, Leeds Studies in English, n.s., 40 (2009), 105-18

The Surrounding Forest: Tree as Symbol and Metaphor at the Time of the European Middle Ages

Representing Beasts in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia, a book edited by Mike Bintley with Thomas J. Williams

Sensory Perception in the Medieval West, a book edited by Mike Bintley with Simon Thomson