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Conferences and public events

As organiser

July 2016 True Crime Fictions at Birkbeck College

Invited Presentations

April 2017 Workshop and Lecture at York Literary Festival

November 2016 Peckham Literary Festival

October 2016 ‘Sound Frontiers: H.G. Wells,’ Panel discussion with Louisa Treger, Joanna Kavenna and Christopher Priest at London Literature Festival York Literary Festival

September 2016 In conversation with Evie Wyld and Max Porter at Waterstones Trafalgar Square

October 2015‘Analogy and the Dimensional Menagerie’ at Analogy Symposium, Cambridge University

September 2015 ‘The Story of Wearside Jack’ at Durham Literary Festival

August 2015 With Danny Rhodes at Edinburgh Literary Festival

June 2015 ‘Hocus Pocus’ @ ‘The Idea of Death’, conversation with Austin Collings at The Anthony Burgess Centre, Manchester

May 2015 ‘Island Hopping’ @ Think Tank, Tom McCarthy’s Fig. 2 installation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts:

October 2013 Chair: ‘In conversation with Cathi Unsworth’ @ Pop and Lit, Contemporary Fiction Research Seminar, University of London

June 2011 ‘‘Strange diagonal that was thought to be so pure’: Tom McCarthy’s geometric exhortation’ @ Calling All Agents: Symposium on the work of Tom McCarthy, Birkbeck College, University of London

April 2011 ‘‘Seeing as a higher child’: Hinton's cubes and their cultural afterlives’ @ Mathematics in the Long Nineteenth Century, University of Glasgow

April 2011 ‘Charles Howard Hinton: Pioneer of Higher Space’ @ Ourhouse, The Institute of Contemporary Arts

December 2010 ‘From Flatland to Hyperspace: Spatial Dimensions of the Late-nineteenth-century Novel’ @ London Nineteenth Century Studies Seminar, University of London

Selected Conference Papers

January 2017 ‘Boys Don’t Cry: or, Nigel Farage Gently Weeps’ @ Politicians and Performance, Birkbeck College, University of London

July 2017 ‘Can an Instantaneous Cube Exist? The Fourth Dimension in H. G. Wells @ H. G. Wells Society Conference, Woking

October 2013 ‘Unplumbed space: weirding the void’ @ The Weird: Fugitive Fictions/Hybrid Genres, Institute of English Studies, Senate House, University of London

July 2013Tactile geometry: gifts, cards and cubes’ @ The Victorian Tactile Imagination, Birkbeck College, University of London

May 2012 ‘Higher-dimensional Thinking Things: Recreating Hinton’s Cubes’ @ Transforming Objects, Newcastle University

April 2012 “Through the Looking Glass”: W.T. Stead’s Higher-spatial Holiday’ @ Centenary Conference for W.T. Stead: newspaper revolutionary, The British Library

September 2010 ‘The Fourth Dimension: Charles Howard Hinton’s Utopian Higher Space’ @ Utopian Spaces, University of Oxford

September 2008 ‘‘An unrealizable infinity of space’: the Turbulent Fourth Dimension of The Inheritors’ @ Century’s End, Queen’s University, Belfast