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I am currently working on a novel, Diego Garcia, with Natasha Soobramanien. The novel tells the history of the island of Diego Garcia in the Chagos Archipelago, from its origins in myth to its present status as British colony, US military base and appropriated homeland of the Chagossian Islanders. We are publishing it in instalments. Chapter 1, 'Debt', first appeared in issue 12 of The White Review and Chapter 2, 'Individualism', in BOMB Magazine 134. Both are available on


My first novel, The Echo Chamber (Hamish Hamilton, 2010) won the 2010 Saltire Award for Best First Novel.

I have published a number of essays including the widely anthologised, 'A Watch on Each Wrist: Twelve Seminars with W.G. Sebald' which first appeared in Saturn's Moons: A W.G. Sebald Handbook