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Louise specialises in theatre and performance studies, focusing on contemporary theatre and performance in terms of economic change and modes of governance, in particular the social and cultural effects of neoliberalization.  Her research has investigated a range of artistic practices in this context, examining themes of regeneration, precarious labour, migration, individualization, gender, sexuality, and industrial change and transformation.

She is currently working on three connected projects.  The first is a series of essays analysing the theatrical mediation of the financial crisis, and the ways in which ideas of nation, multiculturalism, gender, history, work and value have been implicated in various responses to the crisis staged by British artists and theatre companies. Theatre & Money, which she is writing for Palgrave Macmillan's Theatre& series, also addresses this theme. The second is a book-length project entitled Agents of the Future: Theatre, Performance and Neoliberalization in Britain, which examines the period immediately before the emergence of the crisis in 2007-8, and the proliferation and institutionalisation of socially-engaged and community based performance.  Finally, with Dr. Marilena Zaroulia (University of Winchester), she is developing a project investigating dramaturgies of assembly in contemporary British theatre and performance since 2010.