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Supervision topics

I am happy to consider enquiries from students on topics relating to:

20th and 21st Century Literature and/or Culture

British Literature, American literature, Transnational literature on themes including:

    • HUMAN CONDITION: such as human rights, genocide, war, legal rights, posthumanism, transhumanism; thinkers including Hannah Arendt, Primo Levi, etc.
    • CRISIS: such as war, trauma, migration, displacement, ruination, evacuation, environmental crisis, Anthropocene, apocalypse (religious and secular), etc.
    • TECHNOLOGY: war technology, Singularity, cybernetics, bioengineering, artificial intelligence; including thinkers like Marshall McLuhan, Jean Baudrillard, Martin Heidegger, Ray Kurzweil, L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology), Jacques Derrida, etc.