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My research interests are primarily in Old Icelandic, though I also supervise research in Old English.

I have worked on the Icelandic poets’ sagas and other sagas of Icelanders, and am currently engaged on a translation of the historical text Heimskringla, in collaboration with Anthony Faulkes. The first of three volumes of this translation will be published by the Viking Society for Northern Research in 2010.

I am also involved in an international collaborative project to re-edit the corpus of Old Norse skaldic poetry, and am editing verses from the Kings’ sagas for Volume 1 of the edition Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages, shortly to be published by Brepols.

I am currently editing, with Martin Arnold, a collection of articles on the fornaldarsögur, to which I have contributed a translation of Ásmundar saga kappabana. I am also writing a book provisionally called Skalds and Sagas, about the characterisation and function of poets in the Norse-Icelandic Kings’ sagas and the sagas of Icelanders. I am a member of an international and interdisciplinary project studying Jómsvíkinga saga, involving scholars from regions surrounding the Baltic where the action of the saga takes place; I expect to be producing a translation of the saga into English.