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Conferences / Symposia / Talks

I regularly participate in British and international conferences, such as the North British Association for Romantic Studies and the North American Society for Romantic Studies. I am a Mercator Fellow for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft's project Journalliteratur (Bochum/Marburg). Invited talks in 2018-19 include Marburg, Oxford, Boston, Bochum. Recently I have spoken at the British Museum, Tate Britain, the National Gallery, Cambridge, Cardiff, The Clark Library (UCLA), Harvard, The Yale Center for British Art, and The Huntington Library (San Marino, CA).

Conference Organization

Sibylline Leaves: Chaos and Compilation in the Romantic Period, with Marianne Brooker, Birkbeck, University of London, 20-21 July 2017

Literature and Sculpture at the Fin de Siècle, Tate Britain, March 2015, coorganized with Stefano Evangelista

Blake Apprentice and Master, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 23 January 2015

Blake, The Flaxmans, and Romantic Sociability, London, July 2014

Romanticism at the Fin de Siècle, with Stefano Evangelista (Oxford, 14-15 June 2013), an international conference on collecting, editing, performing, producing, reading, reviving Romanticism at the Fin-de-Siècle

'The Disorder of Things: Predisciplinarity and the Divisions of Knowledge, 1660-1850', which I coorganized with Adriana Craciun (Univ. of California, Riverside) and Luciana Martins (Birkbeck), brought together scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplinary cultures (including Literature, Art History, History, Anthropology, History of Science and Medicine, Geography, and Museum Studies) to engage with the imaginative possibilities of ‘predisciplinarity’.

Events related to this network include Romantic Disorder: Predisciplinarity and the Divisions of Knowledge 1750-1850 (London, 18-20 June 2008), 'The Disorder of Things: Predisciplinarity After Foucault' (24 Oct 2009), 'The Oceanic Turn' (Riverside); 'Curious Specimens' (V&A 15-17 April 2010), 'Order's Other Histories: Re-visitng South America' (Autumn 2010), and 'Inscriptions: The Material Contours of Knowledge' (10-11 March 2011).