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Areas of research supervision

I welcome graduate applications in Romantic literature, visual, and material culture; Romantic adaptations and translations, critical disciplinarity, and visual theory.

PhD Students

  • Rees Arnott-Davies, ‘Infinite Museums: antiquity and its technical reproduction 1753-1837’
  • Marianne Brooker, ‘Romantic Collections and the Materials of Method’
  • Daniel Hayward, ‘The Natural History of Attention’ (completed 2015)
  • Joy Hudson, ‘Spectatorship in the Work of Frances Burney’ (completed)
  • Wendy Jones, ‘Mrs Birkbeck’s Album: Textual Identity and Literary Community’
  • James Lesslie, ‘Romantic Women Writers’ Encounters with Wilderness’
  • Tabitha McIntosh, ‘White Rascals, Black Mischief: Anecdotes in the Atlantic World, 1788-1865’, cosupervised with Emily Senior
  • Alan McNee, ‘The ‘New Mountaineer’, 1870-1900’ (completed), cosupervised with Ana Parejo Vadillo, under contract with Palgrave under the title: Mountaineering Literature in fin-de-siecle Britain: The 'New Mountaineer'
  • Sophie Jones, ‘The Boundaries of Reproduction: Space, Time and Pregnancy in 1960s US Culture’ (completed 2015), cosupervised with Jo Winning (ISSF Fellow)
  • Lisa Mullen, ‘Midcentury Gothic: The agency and intimacy of uncanny objects in post-World War 2 British literature and culture’ (completed 2015) (ISSF Fellow)
  • Gerrie Van Noord, ‘The Fringes of the Curatorial’, cosupervised with Ben Cranfield and Patrizia di Bello
  • Alexis Wolf, ‘The Life Writing of Katherine and Martha Wilmot: A Study of Self-Education, Translation and International Exploration in Women’s Travel Narratives’, cosupervised with Emily Senior