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Selected publications

Monographs, edited and co-edited books

    • Forming Empathy: Psychology, Ethics, Aesthetics 1870-1920 [in preparation]
    • Olive Schreiner Writers and their Work (Plymouth: Northcote House, 2013)
    • Olive Schreiner and the Progress of Feminism: Evolution, Gender, Empire (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001)
      -- Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title 2003 by Choice Reviews Online
      -- ‘Burdett… has placed herself at the forefront of Schreiner scholarship by producing the best single study of the author to appear since her death in 1920.’ (Daryl Ogden, Victorian Studies).
      -- ‘Burdett has put in her debt all of those who are interested in the ethical and political dimension of that aesthetic counter-culture of late modernity which we call “modernism.”’ (Graham Pechey, New Formations).
      -- ‘…not only a first-rate study of Olive Schreiner (although it is that), but also an important contribution to our understanding of the impossibly complicated history of the relationship between feminism and privilege, and between modernism and colonial geography… reassessing not just Olive Schreiner, but also the fraught politics of modernity itself.’ (Suzanne Raitt, Women: A Cultural Review).
      -- ‘Burdett’s close reading of Trooper Peter is particularly good, as is her analysis of Schreiner’s controversial pro-Boer stance.’ (Ann Ardis, Journal of Victorian Literature and Culture).
    • Scholarly edition: Woman and Labour, by Olive Schreiner (Edinburgh University Press) [due 2018]
    • The Victorian Supernatural, co-ed. with Nicola Bown and Pamela Thurschwell (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004)
      -- ‘This superb collection of essays enchants and perturbs… but in the best possible way, by upsetting what we usually take as axiomatic.’ (Michèle Mendelssohn, Victorian Review).
      -- ‘…fresh approaches and an abundance of unique insights make each essay an engaging read’. (James Finlay, Victorian Periodicals Review).

Journal Articles

Chapters in Books

Recent reviews and review articles

    • Victorian Sentimentality at Tate Britain’, in ‘Victorians Live’, ed. Herbert Sussman, Victorian Literature and Culture (2014)
    • Review of John Hughes, “Affective Worlds:” Writing, Feeling and Nineteenth-Century Literature, Victorian Studies, 55, 3 (Spring 2013),
    • ‘That Difficult Thing, the Liberal Self’, review of Matt ffytche, The Foundation of the Unconscious: Schelling, Freud and the Birth of the Modern Psyche, Journal of Victorian Studies, 18, 1 (2013), 173-5.
    • ‘A Sweeter Word?’ Review article and interview with Thomas Dixon, History Workshop Journal, 70 (Autumn 2010), 223-33.