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Conferences / symposia

  • May 2017: Dystopia Now - Hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Literature. Read a report on this symposium here.
  • July 2016: True Crime Fictions - Centre for Contemporary Literature, in collaboration with Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities. Co-organized with Dr Mark Blacklock. Read a report on this event on the Centre for Contemporary Literature site.
  • June 2016: International James Joyce Symposium 2016, Member of organizing committee.
  • October 2014: 100 Dubliners. This event - held at the Institute of English Studies -  marked 100 years since James Joyce’s first book of fiction.
  • September 2013: Le Carre's People: Celebrating fifty years of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Talks delivered at the symposium juxtaposed le Carré with George Orwell, Graham Greene and Ian Fleming. His work was read against the nuclear paralysis of the Cold War, and as exemplifying a tendency towards paranoia visible from Ezra Pound to Thomas Pynchon. A final panel assessed adaptations of le Carré’s fiction to television and film history. The last paper of the day, on film, was given by Adam Sisman, le Carré’s biographer.
  • March 2013: Iraq War Culture. March 2013 marked ten years since the start of the attack on Iraq. This controversial military action divided opinion in Britain and around the world, and its aftereffects have profoundly shaped politics and the media in Britain in the decade since. What was the conflict's cultural impact? What kind of responses have artists or writers made to it? At this one-day symposium a range of speakers addressed these questions in relation to film, documentary, drama, television, fiction, photography and graphic novels. The event concluded with Laura Mulvey, Professor of Film at Birkbeck, presenting a ‘film essay’ told through the lives of two Iraqi brothers.
  • July 2012: Weather Reports: A Symposium on the Work of Steven Connor - see my introduction to a special issue of Critical Quarterly, which was inspired by this symposium.
  • June 2011: Joycean Literature: Fiction and Poetry 1910-2010. This conference - held at the Institute of English Studies - examined Joyce's complex international impact on fiction, long or short, and on poetry.
  • July 2010: Occasional Music. Jonathan Lethem has become an established and widely admired writer, but this was the first academic event devoted to his work. Jonathan Lethem attended and participated in the event, along with scholars from the US and UK. A full report on the conference and a podcast featuring Lethem can be found in the second issue of the postgraduate journal Dandelion.
  • May 2009: Money Talks. I organised this one-day symposium at Birkbeck to mark the 25th anniversary of Martin Amis’s novel Money. Money Talks featured half-hour presentations from both established and emerging scholars in the field.
  • April 2008: Narratives in Transition: Literary and cultural change since 1989