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New guide to tackle match-fixing in football

Dr Andy Harvey launches a Good Practice Guide designed to challenge the scourge of match-fixing in football

Mobile phone use and cognitive development during adolescence

A new study will investigate whether the use of mobile phones might affect children’s cognitive development

"All they want is my money"

Dr Seu explores the challenges facing NGOs raising funds for humanitarian relief work

Picturing the Family: Media, Narrative, Memory

Dr Arnold de-Simine explores the role of the family as a site of memory transmission, and the unspeakable memories which are passed on to children without ever being acknowledged


World War One Centenary: examining shellshock and the impact of war

Professor Joanna Bourke spoke about shellshock as part of a global series of events about World War One

Researcher heads to Hollywood to talk about the science of the cinema

Dr Tim Smith will host unprecedented events with filmmakers about how audiences respond to films

Historian Professor Joanna Bourke elected as Fellow of the British Academy

Prize-winning scholar Professor Joanna Bourke was elected today as a Fellow of the British Academy

Why studying babies could help us understand Alzheimer’s among the elderly

A study is examining the links between Down’s syndrome in babies and Alzheimer’s disease in adults

International conference and exhibition explore cultural memories of the Ottoman Empire

An exploration of the empire's history of cultural exchange

Research video

A day in the life of a scientist

Gordon's research focuses on whether people are good, or bad, at lying, and then to find out why or how.

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