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  • Obituary: Gordon R. Batho (1929-2013)
    It is with great sadness that the Seminar announces the death, on Wednesday 13 February 2013, of Emeritus Professor Gordon Batho, the Chairman of the Durham Thomas Harriot Seminar from 1979-2012. An obituary will be published in the next issue of the Seminar’s newsletter, The Harrioteer.
  • Hidden Images Revealed on Harriot/White Map of Virginia
    Portions of a unique late sixteenth-century map in the British Museum (which documents voyages to North America for Sir Walter Raleigh), have recently been examined to reveal hitherto unseen lines and symbols that have been hidden for centuries.
  • New volume of Harriot lectures
    A second volume of essays on Thomas Harriot edited by Robert Fox
  • Thomas Harriot online
    Harriot studies will be transformed in the next few years by the new availability of the manuscripts online.
  • New Thomas Harriot manuscript
    In a recent US auction held in Amherst, New Hampshire in the United States a single manuscript sheet in the hand of Thomas Harriot was offered for sale.
  • Raleigh Lecture on History – Nicholas Canny on Harriot, Thevet and Léry
    This year’s Raleigh Lecture on History at the British Academy will be given by Professor Nicholas Canny FBA, and is entitled 'How Confessional Divisions influenced Writing on the Natural History of the Atlantic World.'