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Seminars before 1988

Thirteen seminars were held in Oxford at Trinity College between 1967 and 1983. Unfortunately no records are available for these meetings.

December 1979

Gordon R. Batho, Thomas Harriot and life in the Northumberland Household

A. G. Molland, Light and Matter in Harriot's Time

David M Knight, Printing as an Agent of Change in Science
W. A Wallace, John White, Harriot and Ralegh in Ireland

December 1981

M. Earles, The Pharmacopoeia Londinensis now Perfected
Jon V. Pepper, Harriot as a Nautical Scientist: A Paradigm of an Applied Mathematician
Julian Roberts, The Scientific University of England: John Dee’s Library from 1544 to 1626
P. D. A. Harvey, Large Scale Maps of Harriot’s Time: The Historical Background

December 1983

Allan Chapman, Three North Country Astronomers
C. W. Brooks, Law Politics and the Ancient Constitution in Sixteenth -Century England
Hilary Gatti, Giordano Bruno and the Northumberland Circle
J.R. Kenyon, Guns and Garrison Fortification under the Tudors

December 1985

John Henry, The Origins of the Mechanical Philosophy in England; Thomas Hobbes’s debt to Walter Warner
G. L. E. Turner, Sir Robert Dudley and his Elizabethan Instrument Makers
P.F. Fitzpatrick, Some Seventeenth-Century Theories of Transubstantiation
D.H. Fowler, Greek Arithmetic with Fractions
John J. Roche, Thomas Harriot’s Observations on Halley’s Comet in 1607

December 1987

Catherine Ferguson, The Borders in Thomas Harriot’s Time
Dudley Wilson, The Motivations and Implications of a Treatise on Midwifery, 1612
Michael Sharratt, Galileo’s Theology
Wilma George, Deere in Some Places There are a Great Store
Helen Wallis, Elizabethan Terrestrial and Celestial Globes