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Past seminars and roundtable discussions

Spring 2011

Oscar Wilde's 'A Note on Some Modern Poets' (1888)

    Professor John Stokes, Emeritus Professor of Modern British Literature, KCL.
    When? 15 January 2011: 11.00am
    Where? Room G22/26 (Senate House, Ground Floor)

'"Bizarre Love Triangle": The erotics of pedagogy in the letters of Mary Robinson Duclaux, Vernon Lee and John Addington Symonds'

    Dr Sally Newman, Visiting Research Fellow, KCL
    When? Saturday 15 January 2011, 11.00-1.00PM
    Where? Room G22/26 (Senate House, Ground Floor)

Postgraduate Seminar

    When? Saturday 19 February 2011, 11.00-1.00PM
    Where? Room G22/26 (Senate House, Ground Floor)

Poetry Workshop led by Dr. Vicky Greenaway, Royal Holloway

    When? Saturday 20 March 2011, 11-1.00pm
    Where? Room 102 (Senate House, 1st Floor)

Autumn 2010: Nineteenth-Century Spaces

Spaces of the city, spaces of migration

    Professor Andrew Thacker, De Montfort University:
    Locating Early Modernist Verse: Rhymers on Fleet Street
  • Professor Josephine McDonagh, Kings College London: Provincialism: Affect and Mobility from Our Village to Elsewhere
    Saturday, 23 October 2010, 11:00 - 13:00pm
    Room G37, Senate House

Spaces of the screen: Pre- and early cinema

    Dr John Plunkett, University of Exeter: Touring Shows/Moving Images: Local and Global in the Exhibition of Optical Shows 1840-1900.
    Professor Laura Marcus, University of Oxford: The Space Between: 'Movement' and 'Moment' in Early Film and Early Film Aesthetics.
    Saturday 20 November, 11:00 - 13:00pm
    Room G37, Senate House

Novel spaces

    Professor Isobel Armstrong, Birkbeck, University of London: Creating Space, Marking Time, in the Nineteenth-Century Novel: uses of space theory.
    Dr Mark Blacklock, Birkbeck, University of London: From Flatland to Hyperspace: Spatial Dimensions of the Late Nineteenth-Century Novel.
    Saturday 11 December, 11:00 - 13:00pm
    Room G37, Senate House

Spring 2009: The Arts in Victorian Literature

Saturday 31 January seminars: Painting

  • Professor Hilary Fraser (Birkbeck, London), 'Women Writing Art History: The Art of Fiction'
  • Dr Colin Cruise (The School of Art, The University of Aberystwyth), 'Illuminated Dreaming: Burne-Jones, Image and Text'
    Saturday 28 February: Sculpture
  • Dr Patricia Pulham (Portsmouth), 'Sinning Statues: Sculpture and Perversion in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Marble Faun.
  • Dr Lene Ostermark-Johansen (Copenhagen), 'Caught between Gautier and Baudelaire: Walter Pater and the death of sculpture'

Saturday 21 March seminars: Music

  • Dr Philip Bullock (Wadham, Oxford), 'Lessons in sensibility': Rosa Newmarch, music appreciation and the aesthetic cultivation of the self
  • Dr Shafquat Towheed (The Open University), '"Music is not merely for musicians": Vernon Lee's musical reading and response'.

Autumn 2008: ‘The Nineteenth Century on the Move: Mobility, Migration, Networks, Exchanges'

'Thinking Through Mobility': A Roundtable: Saturday 4 October 2008, 11am-1pm

  • Our first meeting of the year brings together three eminent scholars from the disciplines of cultural and historical geography, cultural history and literature to discuss how they have worked with and conceptualised different forms of mobility in the nineteenth century.
  • Speakers: Professor Tim Cresswell; Dr David Lambert; Professor Josephine McDonagh

Saturday 8 November 2008, 11:00-13:00: seminars

  • Greg Dart, University College London, 'Charles Lamb and the Alchemy of the Streets'
  • Paul Young, University of Exeter, 'To mathematically jump from trains into steamships and from steamships on to trains': Around the World in Eighty Days and the Making of the Modern World'

Spring-summer 2008: 'Decadence'

Saturday 10 May 2008, 3-5pm: seminars

  • Dr Catherine Maxwell (Queen Mary, University of London) ‘Vernon Lee, Eugene Lee-Hamilton, and the Romantic Fragment’
  • Dr Emma Francis (University of Warwick) ‘Blushing, Swaying and Swooning: Letitia Landon’s Decadence and Feminist Discomfort’

Saturday 9 February 2008, 3-6pm: seminars

  • Dr Stefano-Maria Evangelista (Trinity College, Oxford): ' "Two Dear, Greek Ladies": Aestheticism and Ecstasy in the Poems of Michael Field'
  • Professor Michael Hatt (University of Warwick): 'Against Decadence: Edward Carpenter and the Interior.'

Saturday 12 January 2008, 3-6pm: seminars

  • Professor Jonathan Freedman (University of Michigan): 'The Jewish Decadence'
  • Professor Laurel Brake (Birkbeck, Univserity of London): 'Publishing Decadence in Mainstream Periodicals: Pater, Gaston de Latour (1888) and more'

Autumn 2007: 'Conversation: Curiosity and Talking in the Nineteenth Century'

Saturday 20th October 2007, 3pm-5.30pm: Roundtable discussion: What happens to conversation in the nineteenth century?

  • What happens to conversation in the nineteenth century? Scholars have made it a major topic of enquiry for the the eighteenth century, so it seems puzzling that it fades out of view in the nineteenth century – or at least it seems to in current work on the nineteenth century. This roundtable discussion brings together important scholars working in both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to discuss the ways in which the eighteenth century debate about conversation develops - or doesn't - into the next century.
  • Speakers: Professor Jon Mee (Warwick University, English), Dr Elizabeth Eger (King's College London, English); Dr Lawrence Klein (Cambridge University, History), Professor John Stokes (King's College London, English),Professor Jenny Bourne Taylor (University of Sussex), Professor Jim Secord (University of Cambridge).
  • Chair: Dr Josephine McDonagh (King's College London, English)

Saturday 17th November, 3-5pm: seminar: ' "Curioser and Curioser": Lewis Carroll's words and photographs'

  • This seminar approaches the subjects of curiosity and wonder through text and through photographic images of the nineteenth century. This is a seminar with two speakers who will give full-length research papers followed by a chaired discussion.
  • Speakers: Professor Hilary Schor (University of Southern California, English); Professor Lindsay Smith (University of Sussex, English)

Saturday 1st December, 3-5.30pm: seminar 'Objectivity vs. Wonder? - Victorian Science and Curiosity'

  • This seminar brings together two scholars to think about scientific curiosity and the ways in which it is mediated to produce different kinds of scientific knowledge for different groups in the nineteenth century. This is a seminar with two speakers who will give full-length research papers followed by a chaired discussion.
  • Speakers: Dr Paul White (University of Cambridge, History of Science and The Darwin Project); Dr Ralph O'Connor (University of Aberdeen, History)

Spring-summer 2007

'Victorian Fiction and the Material Imagination': seminars

  • Two Saturday seminars on 3 February 2007 and 3 March 2007.
  • Associated issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century.

Nicola Bown: Fairies in 19th-century Art and Literature