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Late work

It is important in all years that you meet essay and other deadlines for assessed work. If you are worried about meeting a deadline, please inform your tutor as soon as possible.

It is not possible to grant extensions to any student: no individual member of staff has the authority to grant you an extension, so please do not ask them.

Marks for late work

Any piece of work handed in late will be awarded a provisional penalty mark, which is a maximum of C- (40%). Whoever marks your work, though, will also inform you of the mark that would have been awarded had the work been handed in on time.

Mitigating circumstances

If there are mitigating circumstances which explain the lateness of any essay or essays, such as illness, we advise that you hand in your essay as soon as you can, providing an official medical note from your doctors. There may of course be other circumstances, such as bereavement, unavoidable travel abroad for work purposes, and so on. Please do discuss this either with your assigned personal tutor or the course convenor.

Extenuating Circumstances Committee

At the end of the academic year in June, before our final examinations board, the Chair of the Examinations Board convenes an Extenuating Circumstances Committee to consider all written representations concerning the submission of late work.

Those students who are judged to have had compelling reasons for having handed in late work will have the penalty mark revoked, and the actual mark merited by their work will be given.