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Essays should be 5,000 words long (with the exception of MA Creative Writing components; word length for each as stated in course literature).

Please note that excessively over- or under-length essays will be penalised. Also, please be aware of the university regulations against plagiarism and duplication of your own work (i.e. there should be no overlap between this essay and material presented for assessment elsewhere in this course or in another module). Please ensure that your essay follows the style of referencing outlined in the MHRA stylebook.

Essay deadlines

The deadline for essays is the first Monday of the spring and summer terms (term dates). Please note that, under normal circumstances, coursework deadlines are final. No extension to essay deadlines will be given without medical or compassionate grounds. Please refer to theĀ mitigating circumstances policy andĀ form for further information.


It is particularly important to submit dissertations by the deadline date. This deadline is not negotiable. If missed, the candidate may not be examined in the same year and may have to wait another 12 months before being awarded the degree as MA examination boards meet only once a year, in November. Any difficulty in meeting the dissertation deadline should be brought to the attention of the Course Director at the earliest opportunity. Please refer to the mitigating circumstances policy and form for further information.

The dissertation is between 14,000 and 15,000 words in length and is due by the last working day in September in the year in which you complete the degree. For submission procedure please refer to programme handbooks.