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  • Many congratulations to Chimere Anabanti on successfully passing his viva on September 6th.
  • We are delighted to welcome Ilaria Peri, our new Lecturer in Mathematical Finance to the Mathematics Research group.
  • Our May conference on the history of mathematical logic, held jointly with the British Society for the History of Mathematics, was very well received, with over 100 participants and seven excellent speakers.
  • The Department organised a successful Women in Mathematics conference, "Winton Women Trailblazers in Mathematics" hosted and sponsored by Winton, in March. Several PhD students from the Maths research group assisted at the event. The second day of the conference was an LMS Women in Mathematics day.
  • We welcomed a new PhD student, Dan McVeagh, to the research group in January.



  • Steve  Noble will be a speaker at the "Old Codgers" combinatorics meeting on November 2nd.
  • We are delighted to welcome a  new member of staff: Steven Noble has joined us as the Sundstrom Reader in Mathematics.
  • Maura Paterson will give a seminar on June 23rd to the Information Security group at UCL. More details here
  • The conference on the History of Number Theory on May 23rd was a great success, with over 90 people attending. It was organised by Sarah Hart. Particular thanks to our very own Ben Fairbairn for his entertaining lecture on Mordell's time at Birkbeck. read a blog post about the day
  • Sarah Hart gave a seminar at the University of Cardiff on May 5th.
  • Many congratulations to Ben Fairbairn on his promotion to Senior Lecturer.
  • Amarpreet Rattan gave a seminar at the University of South Wales on March 17th.
  • Ben Fairbairn will be plenary speaker at the second Birmingham young mathematicians' colloquium.
  • Congratulations to Emilio Pierro who has secured his first postdoctoral research position, at Bielefeld University.
  • Ben Fairbairn will be speaking at the QMW Combinatorics study group  on February 12th. abstract here
  • Sarah Hart will be giving seminars in Spring Term 2016 at Bristol (Feb 3rd), Birkbeck (Feb 17th) and the Open University (March 1st).
  • Maura Paterson has been interviewed for the LSE Maths blog, speaking about her research and how it can be applied. Read it here!
  • Sarah Hart will be a plenary speaker at the IMA Conference "Mathematics 2016" in March.
  • Dr Emilio Pierro will be back at Birkbeck from January 2016 as a Visiting Research Fellow - welcome back Emilio!
  • There was a succesful meeting of the Manchester-Birmingham-London-Bristol Groups and their Applications "Triangle" on Wednesday 9th December at Birkbeck, organised by Ben Fairbairn.


  • Sarah Hart gave the London Algebra Colloquium on Thursday December 3rd.
  • We welcome to the department two new PhD students in Mathematics: Siri Kouletsis is supervised by Sarah Hart; Ammad Ahmed by Ben Fairbairn.
  • Congratulations to Emilio Pierro for his successful PhD viva on September 24th.  This is just the start of his no doubt auspicious career, well done Emilio!
  • Ben Fairbairn and Sarah Hart will be representing the Department at the forthcoming conference at Princeton celebrating 30 years of the ATLAS of finite simple groups.
  • We will have two new PhD students in Pure Mathematics for Autumn 2015, one kindly sponsored by an anonymous alumnus. The other will be the recipient of a generous four year fully funded PhD scholarship from Winton Capital.
  • Birkbeck was well represented at the Postgraduate Group Theory Conference, held at Bristol University in July, with our three group theorist PhD students attending, along with Sarah Hart who was one of the two plenary speakers.
  • The Department raised a toast to the continued health of the London Mathematical Society at a celebratory tea on May 1st, supported by a grant from the LMS.